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How to establish thought leadership through social media

In our previous blog, we talked about the definition of thought leadership and why it’s important. Now, we will talk about boosting your reputation...

What is thought leadership and why is it important?

Nowadays, thought leadership is an important component of an effective content marketing strategy. it has more influence on sales than marketers...

3 Reasons Why You Should Start With YouTube For Your Business

Businesses are still shy to use youtube. They think it is just a space for viral videos and influencers. In fact, 35+ and 55+ age groups are the...

Should I look straight into the camera, or next to the camera?

When you are writing your script and the structure of your video, it is also important to decide whether you will look straight into the camera or...

How long should your video be?

The length of your video depends on 3 things: The stage your (potential) customer is in, the kind of content you share and how established your...

3 important steps to think about when creating a company movie

Are you thinking about making a company movie? Great! To help you start strong and to make sure you will have a good result, we listed 3 important...