Are you thinking about making a company movie? Great!

To help you start strong and to make sure you will have a good result, we listed 3 important steps to think about before shoot your company movie.

1/  Should I make a company movie or not?

The first question you need to ask yourself: “Do I really need a company movie?”

A few weeks ago we visited a potential client who told me: “Your competitors charge x amount of money for a company video. What is your offer?”

The problem was that their general marketing, and especially their video marketing, was not set up properly. If your marketing is not on point yet, making and spending money on a company movie won’t generate the impact you hope for.

First make time to set up your marketing machine. When it is up and running, you can invest in a company movie and integrate it into your marketing plans.

2/ The subject of your company movie

Most companies only talk about themselves in a company movie. The typical script involves the CEO standing in his office, talking about how well they are doing for the last 20 years. You can see the nice office, happy employees and other shots you can find in almost any other company movie.

The trick, however, is not to talk about yourself. When a potential client visits your website and watches the company movie first, they should be addressed first. What is the problem your target audience is struggling with, how can you solve this pain, and then you can talk about yourself and your services.

Having your potential customers as the main subject generates attention and interest.

3/ Make your script as accurate as possible

Now you know that your potential customers are playing the main role in your movie, it is easier to create your script.

What are your potential customers dealing with? What is your client actually seeing at the moment? What does he want to see at this point in time?

You need to do research  and find the problem and/or need of your potential clients. Build your script around this problem/need. Make it very visual, let them see and feel it. That, in combination with the right music, will make sure that your clients are connecting with their problem on an emotional level and see you as the potential solution for their need. In the end you can give your products/services as the ultimate solution to this problem.

Are you ready to create your company movie?

When you follow these 3 important steps, you will be able to make a good company movie.

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