About Us

We are skilled in creating video marketing strategies with a direct impact on your business. Through our 360° approach we do not only offer strategy but also implementation through design and video production. The combination of these things helps you “Turn your Thought Leadership into Market Leadership”.

Our Vision

We don’t believe the numbers keep the engine running. It is the people that do so.

That’s why, every day, we put the people at the center. Not only for our clients but also inside our company. You can work on a computer, text on your phone. But the most real thing is still the connection between people and the search for what connects them.

You can’t make fire with a single stone.
We can’t make sparkles by working alone.

Ken de Kort & Michael Humblet

The Team

The team that keeps our and your engine running! A group of young and dynamic people who are ready to tackle your problems and face new challenges! Our team consists of Ken de Kort (Co-founder and CEO), Michael Humblet (Co-founder), Olivier Mees (Project Manager), Feline Godon (Graphic Designer) and Tiebo Samaille (Video Editor).