The length of your video depends on 3 things: The stage your (potential) customer is in, the kind of content you share and how established your brand is. In today’s blog we will explain how these 3 things determine the length of your video.

1/ The stage of your (potential) customer

If you take marketing into account, the length of your video depends on where your (potential) customer is in the customer buying journey.

This journey has 5 stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Decision
  4. Retention
  5. Advocacy

When your potential customer is still in the awareness stage, the ideal length of your video is 1 minute, maximum 2 minutes.

Your potential customer does not know you exist. So keeping his/hers attention and interest for a long period of time will be a difficult task. First, you need to build trust. You can do this with short, but valuable videos. Further down the road, you can start working with longer content formats.

2/ The kind of content

Secondly, the kind of content you make is also important. Videos for social media cannot be that long, because people are scrolling fast trough their timelines these days. However, a video for YouTube can already be a bit longer, because your audience has the intention to look at a video when they are searching on YouTube.

To give you an idea, a short video campaign of 15 to 30 seconds can already generate a big impact.

3/ How established your brand is

When you are new on the market, you are not an established brand (yet), particularly not for your potential audience.

The result? The attention span of your audience will be a lot shorter for you, in comparison with a brand that already exists for 10 years. Brands like Nike, Apple or Gary Vaynerchuk and other YouTube celebrities, they are well known, so they can do shows of 20 minutes, 30 or sometimes even 50 minutes.

Why is that? Because they, as a brand, have your trust. And you know they are delivering value, so you are interested in what they are saying.



Don’t make your videos too long, especially not when you are just starting. Make your videos as valuable as possible and build up the trust of your audience. After a while you can make longer videos if you want to dive deeper into certain concepts or interviews. Quality, value and impact are still the most important key metrics for your videos’ success.

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