In our previous blog, we talked about the definition of thought leadership and why it’s important. Now, we will talk about boosting your reputation as a thought leader. The fastest way to reach potential customers is through the use of social media. Of course, just posting every now and then is not enough. Social media provides many opportunities to grow as a thought leader, but you have to be committed and be in for the long run. 

In this blog, we’ll give you 7 social media methods to boost your reputation as a thought leader. 

7 methods to boost your thought leadership with social media

1/ Valuable recurring content

You can find a lot of information on the internet, but most articles are promoting and selling products or services. 

As a thought leader, you want to flip things around and give value to your audience, rather than trying to convince others of your offering. When you give value, people will start to trust you, ask for your advice and information and, eventually, they will start buying from you. When done on a regular basis, social media users will begin to recognize your content and associate it with the industry you’re active in. Providing quality content on a regular basis via social media is a key component to establish yourself as a thought leader. 

2/ Know your audience

Social media gives you the opportunity to really get to know your audience. When you post valuable content on a frequent basis, people will start to interact with you. When they interact, you have the chance to get to know them and their needs. Fulfilling their needs and answering their questions will strengthen your position as a thought leader. Moreover, it will give you ideas and insights for even more valuable content. 

3/ Build your network

If you want to position your company or yourself as a thought leader, you first need to start building a network. An extensive network creates reach and traffic and develops influence, even when you already provide excellent content. Now, this goes both ways. You need followers to appreciate your content, but sharing valuable content will generate more followers. 

4/ Engage

Even though it’s important to have products, services and content out there, it’s also important to engage with (potential) customers. Start with Integrating social media icons into web pages and email templates, so people can actually find your social media channels. Also, be active on social media: react on comments, take part in discussions, give people information, answer their questions and connect with key colleagues and partners in your industry via LinkedIn. Something that is very much appreciated on a community such as LinkedIn, is sharing information created by others. You prove your visitors you recognize valuable information and that great content deserves a platform. 

5/ Provide original insights

One of the best things you can do to become an authority in your field of expertise, is by providing your readers with key learnings from both your personal and business experiences. Additionally, giving facts and figures creates a perfect balance between objective content and your own expertise. It proves not only that you think about and analyze information from others, but also that you’re learning from other respected leaders in the field. 

6/ A balanced professional profile

Your social media represents your business, so you want it to look as attractive as possible. This means a professional look and feel that sets the tone on how you want to be perceived. On the other hand, you still need to remain approachable and authentic, so people will engage and identify with you. It is finding the right balance between explaining your business, sending the right message and tonality and being approachable. 

7/ A soft sales approach

To be seen as a thought leader, it’s important not to be aggressive in your sales approach. Don’t start right off the bat with pitching your product or services,  because it really bothers people and deteriorates your brand. In the end, people know that your purpose is sales and you will get to that in a soft manner by giving valuable information, showing people that they are important and by listening to them. The selling process will then come naturally. 


If you keep all these things in mind, you can really boost your reputation as a thought leader. The more you share valuable insights, the more people will recognize and follow you for the content you provide and the more they see you for who you really are – a thought leader on top of his game. 

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