Nowadays, thought leadership is an important component of an effective content marketing strategy. it has more influence on sales than marketers realize – an the influence is still growing. A study shows that 58% of decision-makers say they choose a business off of their thought leadership output. Whether you’re a small company or a large corporate, being perceived as a thought leader within your industry creates that often needed an extra competitive advantage. To make you aware of the importance of thought leadership, we take a deep dive into the definition of thought leadership and why it is important to your business.

What is thought leadership? 

Thought leaders are well-informed individuals or companies in a specific field. People seek out thought leaders for advice and guidance on how to advance in their specific field of expertise. In its simplest form, advice can be a free blog post or template you provide. Further down the road, you offer your core expertise and services.  They tend to have a positive reputation for helping others through their knowledge & insights and are also a trusted source when it comes down to inspiring others. Thought leaders are looking at what’s possible in the future, which is also the reason why their content gets shared more easily. 

Why is thought leadership important?

You might be asking yourself: “Why is thought leadership so important to my business?” This form of marketing has several benefits to it: 

Benefit 1: It scales your reach and boosts your influence.

Journalists, analysts, potential clients, and reporters will come to you for the information and advice you provide because they tend to perceive you as an expert in your particular field. A thought leader uses this attention to drive change, not to promote him or herself. However, by sharing your expertise with a larger audience, you will increase the number of people who ‘have heard your name’. This leads us to the next step. 

Benefit 2: It gives you access to better opportunities. 

Reaching more people is only one part of the equation. As a thought leader, you attract other experts and often more established businesses that want to know more about your vision and offering. A good thought leadership strategy sparks conversation between you and your prospect and focuses on sharing value, rather than selling. 

Benefit 3: It establishes more credibility and trust

Thought leadership highlights your expertise. This expertise creates trust towards your potential clients, giving you an extra advantage when it’s time to convert your prospect into a client.


Thought leadership a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal that can be used by both companies and individuals. Don’t forget, although you want to earn money, your first goal is to share valuable information with your audience. This will provide you with enough fuel to spark a conversation with your audience. 

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