Businesses are still shy to use youtube. They think it is just a space for viral videos and influencers. In fact, 35+ and 55+ age groups are the fastest growing YouTube demographics. Businesses are avoiding YouTube because it seems daunting, expensive and time-consuming. Well, it’s not. YouTube can help level up your business. Below, we list the 3 main reasons why you should start with YouTube for your business.

#1 YouTube as a SEO tool

YouTube is the second biggest search engine next to Google. Moreover, it is the second most-watched website next to Google and dominates the video featured on Google. YouTube videos even show up on the videos and images search tabs on the Google result pages. Using YouTube can help your website rank higher, lead more traffic to your website, and support your lead generation.


“people like to buy from people

and will believe something when they actually see it”

#2 YouTube for trust

YouTube builds trust and helps potential customers make purchasing decisions. Before people buy from you, they need to trust you and your products. Moreover, people like to buy from people and will believe something when they actually see it. That’s why you need to use YouTube to build trust. Think about testimonials, how-to videos, behind the scenes, video when clients use your product, the process of your services, etc.

#3 YouTube for organic growth

Thanks to YouTube, you can grow your business organic without advertising and without spending money, unlike Facebook and Instagram. YouTube is all about great content and knowing how to use the platform. When you share great content, people will watch longer (watch time) and more of your videos (audience retention). YouTube will automatically reward your great content with a higher ranking.

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